To cross the tipping point where we prioritise our people and improve our respective environments in order to drive our prosperity


To empower through transformative experiences

To inspire positive change

To grow sustainable leaders

Core Values

Personal Growth





Our Approach

Traditional learning is often lead by content. We find this approach doesn't take curiosity into account enough. By opening with an activity, and ensuring the activity is the core part of the learning, we find that our participants engage through inquiry. Hands-on, active learning has been proven again and again to have better results than presentation-based lectures, as participants can be overwhelmed by content with no meaningful application present.

As experiential learning professionals, we tailor solutions to ensure that our participants are able to work on their prescribed areas of development. Having an experience is not enough, the learning needs to be adopted by being put into practice. Making use of frameworks, new thought processes and fast forward rehearsals, applying co-created solutions to current challenges. Participants learn and improve rapidly, moving themselves closer to realising strategic goals.

By understanding our clients' core values, as well as communicated needs, we are able to select from a range of options to ensure that the right solution is made available. With such a holistic approach to learning, there will be benefits cascading beyond the core focus as we ensure that the programme's aims are always achieved.

Learning Design Process

  1. Engaging with you

  2. Aligning our approaches

  3. The program design

  4. Facilitating the learning

  5. Assessing the impact

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Pricing for Accessibility & Social Benefit

At Excelerant Pathways, we believe in the need to make training accessible to all. As such, we have a three-tier pricing structure to make this a reality. Charging full price, those that can afford to, ensures we have surplus that we can then allocate towards those who otherwise would not be able to afford our services.

The tier system is as follows:

For profit organisations, Government Agencies & Equivalent - 100% charge for services

Educational, Social Enterprises & Equivalent - 50% charge for services

Excelerant Pathways Scholarships - Fully offset from for profit surplus

Our pledge is that we will always dedicate 10% of our organisational capacity towards social endeavours, and for every "For profit" program that we deliver, we will use 20% of the surplus generated to fund scholarship programs.