Principled Communications

Helping you deliver better value from your interactions.

Learn how to have a positive influence & deal with difficult conversations

Understanding what needs to be done is not the same as being able to build consensus and have a group of people collectively put their efforts towards a shared vision. We can help you develop a collaborative approach that increases the likelihood of your ideas being understood and adopted whilst also opening you up to hearing other ideas as a value add, potentially realising a new idea that builds upon your original thoughts.

We also help you engage with your most difficult conversations, disagreements, and negotiations with confidence. Ensuring that you are able to bring and take better value from the table through a principled negotiating strategy. Focusing on interests, being open to all options and deciding on commitments from a logical and legitimate set of standards.

As teams adapt to rapidly changing realities, We can facilitate you developing the skills and practices that will drive you and/or your team forward together.

Principled Communications can help you:

🔑 Efficiently reach agreements that leave both parties feeling they got great value from the negotiation

🔑 Be known & trusted as a consistent, open & collaborative problem solving

🔑 Deepen relationships and build sustainable partnerships with your key stakeholders

🔑 Leverage your leadership in order to realise opportunities that otherwise could have been missed

Adapted from Getting To Yes – Negotiating Agreements Without Giving In R. Fisher and W. Ury